Saturday, February 4, 2017

On being Inspired

February 4th
Write about someone who inspires you

I'm a terrible writer.
I am.
I sound whiny and self centered even to my own ears.
I go back and read some of my older stuff and I cringe.
"Good Lord Lolly..what were you thinking?"
I doubt myself, I chastise myself, I second guess myself.
Then I hit the Publish  key anyway.
And do you know why? Emily Freeman that's why.
She's kind and gentle and caring.
At least in her writings she is.
I've never met her in real life.
But she inspires me in so many ways.
Her honesty, her way with words, and her deep love for Jesus really speak to me.
She gives me permission to be myself simply by showing me how to follow Jesus more closely.
This post?? Made me almost want to weep.
It's like she knows me.
Her words resonate deep into my soul like a healing balm.
Her posts make me feel included and less alone.
Yes, I know that it seems strange for me to feel included and less alone while writing on a computer miles and miles away from another living soul but it works for me.

My blog has brought me closer to you dear readers too.
Sometimes it's You who make me feel included and less alone.

Thanks for reading,
Love, Lolly

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  1. I actually think you are lovely just the way you are.