Friday, February 3, 2017

Pet Peeves

I'm gonna skip day 2's prompt for now mainly because I can't think of anything.
(Feb. 2nd-Write about something that someone told you about yourself that you never forgot)
(uh...well, I forgot so...blaming that on this menopause brain of mine)

SO, without further ado....

Day 3-  My top 3 Pet Peeves

1. Arriving late
    I am never late. Or rather I am not the one that causes me, him, us to be late. Ever.
 I would rather arrive early and I am always ready on time or even before. Someone else is never ready early and is always running late and it causes friction. It feels passive/aggressive to me when a body is late to every single event whether it is a wedding or dinner out with friends or going to church. It's taken me the better part of 35 years to not get aggravated at him for ALWAYS BEING LATE and in turn making me late. But it's not just him. It's both of my daughters, and my sister, and my best friend that are chronically late. You'd think I'd be used to it by now but sadly that is not the case. Lately here though I've been trying to find a God moment in their lateness. While I used to fidget and tap my foot and huff and sigh with my coat on and my purse on my shoulder now I am looking around and asking God what does he want me to see or hear or experience whilst I am waiting. Sometimes it's the simple fact of gazing out the window at the birds at the feeder or sitting quietly while petting the dog without the sighing and fretting. It forces me to calm down and take a deep breath and just Be. Still. Calm. Silent.(without the seething)

2. Malicious Gossip
    Don't we all know a person who does this? And isn't it awful and toxic to be around them? It hurts me to hear other people spread rumors and lies about another. What I usually find is that the person spreading or retelling the gossip is exactly like the person they are vilifying. I am a coward though. I clam up and don't defend them or respond in any way. I will try and change the subject but I freeze up when it comes to confrontation so I don't or won't engage in conflict with the gossiper. It feels like I am guilty by association, I know.
I like to use this quote I found when it comes to gossip and or forwarding questionable news.

3. Extrapolating
    I want people to tell it like it is. Plain and simple and straight forward. It irritates me when I hear people retell a story with added adjectives and adverbs to make the story bigger, better, badder.
I think they tell it different because they want the attention of telling a great story, and why that irritates me I have no idea.  I feel cranky and judgmental when I know they have added to the story for dramatic effect. As if the true version of the story wasn't worthy of being told unless there is/was a huge hoopla added.

And there you have. More scintillating reading I am sure. But I do like the discipline of the writing.

As always, Thanks so much for reading my blog.

Love, Lolly



  1. Oh, I love the THINK acronym!

    My ex husband was always late. Drove me crazy!

  2. I am never late either. But I'm an extrapolator extraordinaire. Much to my family's disdain.